Night in Chinatown – New York



Chinatown has been our “nest” during the days we spent in New York last month. How not to pay homage to this colorful and lively niche in Manhattan? Here I share a picture I took during one of my early morning strolls, when I was heading towards the Brooklyn Bridge, but couldn’t resist to the magic atmosphere radiating from this spot.

Location: Chinatown, Manhattan, New York.

What to shot: The lively and colorful atmosphere of Chinatown’s streets.

Ideal time to shot: All day long.

Gear: Standard zooms.

How to get there: Subway N, Q, J, Z or 6 to Canal Street.

Coordinates: 40° 43′ 01″ N 74° 00′ 01″ W


18 thoughts on “Night in Chinatown – New York

  1. Beautiful!! You have inspired us to venture East 🙂 We love the starburst reflecting in the graffiti on the wall! J&A

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